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I Woke up this Morning to More Forex Profits Again..

Living on the West Coast has both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to trading but one of my favorite disadvantages that I have turned into a BIG advantage is the ability to sleep through some of the most active forex trading and still profit from the moves.  With the Trend Jumper and daily charts, that’s exactly how I trade Forex.

Some of my Winning Trades Today with Trend Jumper

  • Long EURGBP — 1/2 position out with + 80 pips; Two Days
  • Short GBPAUD — 1/2 position out with +90 pips; Two Days
  • Short GBPJPY — 1/2 position out with +150 pips; Two Days
  • Short GBPCHF — 1/2 position out with +161 pips; Two Days
  • Long AUDCAD – 1/2 position out with with + 88 pips; Two Days
  • GBPNZD — still working, currently down – 14 pips;
    • Key Level adjustment on the stop kept me in this trade so far.  We teach this in training!
  • NZDCAD — Stopped out of 2nd position with Break Even result but not before we grabbed +100 pips with the first half of the position as stated in yesterday’s post.
    • This trade illustrates the benefit of the Trend Jumper RISK FREE approach we use when managing a trade.

Notice the above trades that are trailing the 2nd half of their positions, each with absolutely ZERO risk.  The stops have locked in profit and will continue to do so each day, until the trades are done.

Moreover, I am in a handful of additional trades, each doing their own thing, but many that are in risk free positions and poised to hit their targets.

For example, I am currently Short GBPUSD — each position is currently up over 220 pips.  Who knows how these trades will end up but the worst case scenario is that they will stop out with a few pips of profit.  In other words, there is NO risk.  I can go to sleep at night and let them do their thing.  Often, I get to wake up in the morning to big profits.  Like today!

Sometimes it does pay to use a little bit of the ‘art’ part of trading.  Not too much, but just enough to improve our results over time.  We teach this in the Trend Jumper training.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

The GBPUSD trade I just mentioned has come down a long way.  It is now hitting its 2nd target while also bumping up against long term support levels.  It could bust through for larger gains but there is also a chance that it will stall out here.  Meanwhile, I’ve made 1.5 times my risk on the trade already at these levels, well over 220 pips per position.

Three position traders can exit 1/3 of their position here at the middle target, but I typically trade with two positions.  I realize different traders will do different things in this situation.  I have decided to exit the first half of my position at these levels and to use a faster trailing technique for the other half of the position.  If it breaks through, great!  I’ll grab the move.  It if pulls back and stops me out, that’s fine too.  I already took +225 pips off the table and I have a nice profit locked in on the trailing position.  I get the best of both worlds with 100% risk free safety on this trade.  What can be better than that?

I could also just hold on for the larger 3rd target which I usually always do.  Sometimes striking a middle ground, when major chart levels could derail a trade, is a good way to go.  Only time will tell how it works out but for sure, I’ll ring the register with both halves of my trade and that is always a good thing.  Here’s a look at the trade.  The yellow lines below represent longer term support levels.

What would you do in this situation?


Here’s a look at the exact trade sequence only with the new, upcoming MT4 Trend Jumper Chart.  Notice how the trade I mentioned above has ALREADY hit its 3rd target, and booked MORE profit than the Tradestation chart.  That’s Forex!  Decentralized markets mean each broker can quote whatever they want.  The best charting does NOT always mean the best results!  It doesn’t matter.  BOTH work great with Trend Jumper.  It’s the strategy itself that matters!  I often say Trend Jumper is SO easy even a child can do it.  My 9 year old son (and 12 year old daughter) are IN on this trade.  My son agreed with my assessment on the above Tradestation chart and HE closed the position himself!


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  1. Is TrendJumper optimized for each of the currency pairs it trades?
    Or does TrendJumper work on all pairs with no adjustmets needed?
    It appears the targets are self adjusting based on market price action.

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