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It’s Bootcamp Time Again !! Sneak Peak at a Trend Jumper Advanced Approach Good for Choppy Markets

It is still not too late to JUMP on board the Trend Jumper and to do so in time to catch this next upcoming Advanced Training Bootcamp.  I’ve very excited for this one because I will be covering new, cutting edge Trend Jumper techniques that have really made a fast impact.

One technique I’ll be teaching to Bootcamp Members is a method of using the Trend Jumper that actually thrives during choppy, range bound price action.  I realize that’s a bold statement but there is a reason why it is effective which I will be teaching during the bootcamp.  Check out the video on this post for a sneak peak.

Also, I will be unfurling a brand new ES tradeplan that has me very excited as well.  I haven’t been a big fan of the ES for a number of reasons but there are some unique and powerful benefits to the ES if you can master that very challenging market.  This new tradeplan has done an amazing job, winning the last 31 out of 32 sessions and gaining over +100 points.

There will be many more topics being covered (Forex, Stocks, Options) but it is a private Bootcamp, only available to Trend Jumper Members.  You still can get your copy of the Trend Jumper in time for the Bootcamp.  Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait for the next one, some time in 2014.

This video is a sneak peak of an advanced approach for dealing with choppy, range bound markets, a topic we will be covering during the Bootcamp.

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