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Thursday, Feb 28th, 12 noon, est

Thursday, Feb 28th, 6 pm, est

We had a great session again, ending positive across the board.  With Bernanke testifying, we looked for our chance to quit positive and were able to get that done in a very straight forward, taking care of business type fo way.  That’s how we trade with the Trend Jumper and today was no different.

Probably the two best trades today were Crude Oil and Unleaded Gas (Tues 2/26):

  • Crude Oil Futures was one and done today for +.59, $530; New Profit Levers Reached Again!!
  • Unleaded Gas Futures was one and done today for +205 ticks; $861
  • Dow eMini gains + 30 points today with 2 trades for $150
  • Russell eMini was one and done with + 2.3 Points, $230
  • DAX Futures was + 6.5 points for €162.50
  • Wheat Futures was one and done for just .5; subsequent trades were winners for those who kept trading
  • Heating Oil Futures also finished flat but some of us were quite positive depending on the trades that were taken.  The out of the box tradeplan was only up 3 ticks today so we’ll go with that as our official result.


Crude Oil Futures Trade (Tues 2/26)



Unleaded Futures Trade (2/26)



There are a bunch of Forex Trades, that I’m currently in as well.  Many have hit full target and are poised for possible larger gains with the trailing part of the trade.

Here are some Notable Examples:

  1. GBPJPY made a few thousand pips on the way up, since November.  We just closed part of our short trade for +168 pips.  The trailer is currently UP +659 pips with 310 pips locked in.  I might be adding to my position here.
  2. GBPUSD just booked +325 pips and has a trailer that is up hundreds of pips with the chance of a bigger gain if the cable continues to sell off.
  3. EURUSD exited full target trade for +184 pips with +182 locked in on trailer.  It has an addon trade currently at risk free with + 27 pips per position already locked in.
  4. GBPAUD closed out of half its position for + 157 pips; currently the trailer has + 135 pips locked in with potential for a larger move
  5. USDCAD hit the full target two days ago and the trailer has already locked in +70 pips

This list represents only a sample of our very active forex swingtrade plan using daily charts.  It is the easiest way to trade forex and is super effective too.

GBPJPY Current Trade with Tradestation



This example shows how the MT4 version of the USDCAD trade was actually quite a bit MORE profitable than the Tradestation version, due to the ability to ADD to the momentum long, as the USDCAD has put on a strong rally.  Trend Jumper took full advantage, exiting two of the three long trades at full target, while trailing the rest.  The 3rd and most current trade is at a full risk free position and this move has the potential to hit over +1000 pips if it keeps rallying.  Even if it doesn’t, it has already made hundreds of pips with the remaining positions completely risk free and profitable.  Can’t get better than that!!

022613_CAD MT4

Register today!

Thursday, Feb 28th, 12 noon, est

Thursday, Feb 28th, 6 pm, est


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