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Live Futures Daytrading with the PTU Trend Jumper

Watch how I use the PTU Trend Jumper to daytrade live, Crude oil futures and the Dow eMini futures in a session that requires a full understanding of the strategy as well as complete knowledge of the tradeplan rules.  See how I use a Stop and Reverse maneuver to get out of a losing position and into a winning one.  This one move alone was critical in being able to finish the session with our goals achieved, in just 3 trades during a session that was quite choppy.  Just be leaning on the strategy and not overthinking it too much, that is, just by executing the plan as intended, the results finished positive and let us go into the weekend with an attractive gain for the week, + 1.06, $1,060.

ON the Dow eMini, we had another example of how we needed to fully understand the rules of the strategy and as a result, picked up a great gain and a one and done session to also end the week positive AND at all new equity high profit levels for this tradeplan which dates all the way back to last November of 2012!  The Dow eMini Futures is making new record profit levels 20% of the time and has been for nearly a full year!  How’s that for consistent growth?

Get on board the PTU Trend Jumper by registering for one of the up and coming webinars on October 3rd.  Mark your calendars because we’ll be offering it to the public, probably for the last time this year and along with that, we’ll have some super sweet bonus offers to go with it.

In the meantime, pick up your FREE version of the PTU Trend Jumper at  You’ll be able to swingtrade forex with the EURUSD and daytrade futures with the Dow eMini 5 minute chart.

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