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Live Soybean Futures Trades Recorded; Another Winning Session

In this short video, watch me trade Soybean futures using the PTU Trend Jumper.  I also discuss some of the other trades of the day including:

  • EURJPY 5 minute Forex daytrade plan:  Those of you who joined us during yesterday’s Trend Jumper Release Webinar were treated to a great gift; a free version of the UTA Xpress trade tracking tool along with a fully loaded, prepopulated UTA Xpress sheet containing all the EURJPY trades so far this year, per the tradeplan that we trade every day in the live traderoom.  Armed with this kind of information, you can really learn how to make money trading a successful tradeplan.  You can study the wins and losses and learn, that despite losing trades, losing sessions and even losing weeks, the equity curve keeps growing and growing.  That’s how we make money.  In today’s video, we’ll look at the trade that put the EURJPY way on top for the week, gaining + 40 pips on the session and + 161 pips for the week to hit all new record profit levels for the year, +8,240 pips.


  • YM FREE Trend Jumper 5 Minute Plan; I keep receiving emails from many of you who have really embraced this plan and who are benefitting from it nearly each and every day.  It’s not going to win every trade nor every session nor every week.  Just like what we learned with the UTA Xpress sheet and the EURJPY trades, there are some tough days.  But the equity curve keeps going up!  YOU can use the UTA Xpress and go back through your YM FREE Trend Jumper chart and start logging trades so you can learn how this tradeplan makes money, hands over fist.  Today, it was one and done for + 41 points.


  • Heating Oil Futures won its 20th session in a row today, picking up + 151 ticks for $634It finished the week with a strong + 372 ticks, $1562.


  • Soybean Futures LIVE trading today, + 2.75 points; see the video below for all of the above



  1. TJ after you place a trade if price goes against you right away do you move or adjust your stop or just take a full stop loss and just wait for the next trade. The reason i ask is i have a good fiend of mine that attended your webinar yesterday and he is very skeptical about making money with this if you cant adjust your stops, i have tried convincing him based on my results but no luck. Hope you can shed some light on this. Thank You.

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