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Live Trade Example During Slow Holiday Trading; Trend Jumper Didn’t Care

The markets have no concept of time.  We as humans can see how slow or busy a market is but a trade method like Trend Jumper only cares about identifying immediate support and resistance areas from which to jump off of.  Watch me trade Crude Oil Live during the holiday market.  Trend Jumper worked in its typical dependable way, despite slow action.  I edited down the video to quickly illustrate how methodical the system worked, as with all the other examples I’ve shown you on this blog.

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 Today’s Crude Oil Futures Trade with Trend Jumper


  1. Thank you for making these daily update videos. I have been learning alot about how this Trend Jumper can trade in alot of different markets. It seems to be one of the most powerful trading systems I’ve ever seen. And simple to use. So I look forward to one day trying it.

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