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Live Trading Crude and Heating Oil with TJ and the Trend Jumper

  • Crude Oil Futures end today 2 for 2 for + .68, $680
  • Heating Oil Futures end today 1 for 1 for + .0074, $310
  • See the new PTU Automation handle additional trades, as well
In this video, get inside my brain and hear me think out loud as I manually trade live, Crude Oil & Heating Oil Futures in two separate accounts.  I also let the new PTU Trend Jumper Automation handle some live Heating Oil trades as well.  Watch how I show you my favorite method of trading, what I am considering each step of the way, how I manage the trades for maximum profits and other factors I consider, including the big picture perspective of how and where these trades fit into my overall tradeplan and trade business.  If you stay with the video, you will also see how I log my trades, the tool I use, and how I stay on top of my trade decisions based on that very same big perspective.
After the video, come learn more about at  My tradeplans continue to breakout to all new record profit levels on a steady basis, continually proving how our big picture, tradeplan, treating your trading like a real business approach keeps the equity in the account growing larger and larger.  No get rich quick here!  Just some good ‘ole common sense get rich with patienct, discipline and a smart trade/business plan to follow and guide our every step of the way.  It may sound cliche, but we trade ‘smarter, not harder’ and emphasize quality over quantity which leads to, in my humble opinion, a better and more comfortable life-style in general.


  1. where do I find the cost of the trend jumper

    • Dave, prices are always revealed during our release webinars due to the various options that we offer; payment plans, levels of membership, etc. It has just closed though and is off the market. IF you are still interested in getting the Trend Jumper, I could probably help you with that. Please send me an email at and I’ll see what I can do about sneaking you in, under the wire.


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