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When are Losing Trades a Good Thing?

Losing trades are a good thing when they are trades that your tradeplan says you need to take.  Many traders get discouraged when their plan starts off the session with a series of losing trades.  No one likes their first trade to be a loss and worse when the second trade also loses.  Three losing trades in a row gives many traders big problems, shaking their confidence and typically causing them to either quit, or worse, chase other markets and strategies.  BAD!  Markets work in mysterious ways and sometimes the losing trades are the best thing that could have happened.  Especially when it keeps you in the market trading, in time to catch a huge move.

Take the DAX Futures for example.  This week, the DAX tradeplan, one of the oldest Trend Jumper tradeplans (one of the originals actually) hit record profit levels while it gained a whopping + 363 points.  At 25 Euros per point, that’s some real money.  It’s not as many dollars as it was a few months ago, but it’s still a nice chunk of change.  It was NOT a straight line getting there.  There were losing trades.  Can YOU trade through losing trades if it means you will grow equity and make money as a trader?  Losing trades exist in successful trading because it is impossible to separate them from the winners.  A trade will win or a trade will lose and for sure, both will happen.  That’s just trading!

206 of those points were made Thursday the 15th.  If you started that session though, following the plan as you should, you might have been discouraged to start out with 3 consecutive losses in a row.  But money is NOT made from any given trade or series of trades.  Money is made by the EDGE that you derive from the ongoing results of the tradeplan.  Our job as traders is to execute the plan.  We know that 4 losing trades in a row can happen as well, but it is very rare.  It doesn’t happen very often.  The trade after 3 consecutive losses is typically a winner.  And what a winner it was!

This trade posted over +200 DAX Points and life of tradeplan record high profit levels.  It required a series of losing trades to get to this big winner and illustrates how the results of good tradeplans are what make traders successful and NOT whether a few trades win or lose.


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