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Lot’s of Forex Action over the past Few Days with Trend Jumper

I realize that I have focused that last few posts, mostly on futures, mainly because futures have offered some amazing profit opportunities, but forex has been outstanding as well.  There are numerous forex trades in play right now.  Here are a few current trades that are at various stages of development.

AUDNZD:  This pair continues to be nothing short of amazing.  Over the past few months it has racked up hundreds of pips.  Check out the last two trades.

  • The Long Trade gained + 153 pips to its 3rd target and + 183 with its trailer.  Profits can also be taken at the first two targets as shown in the diagram.  Trend Jumper is extremely flexible.
  • The Short Trade gained + 153 pips as well to its 3rd Target and the trailer is still going.


Current AUDNZD Forex Trades



Speaking of Aussie Forex Pairs, the AUDUSD took only TWO days to hit its full 3rd target.  After a first attempt long that managed to barely get to its 2nd target, it went long again and rocketed to its full target on this latest trade.  The Trend Jumper seeks to JUMP off of near term support for quick and immediate profits which is exactly how this current trade played out.


Current AUDUSD Forex Trade shows the trailer still going after racking up hundreds of pips to its various targets.  You can trade it to any of the targets and then trail for a larger move.  I like taking profits at EACH target and trailing the final part of my trade.  Notice the hundreds of pips gained just this month alone on two easy trades.



There are so many more.  Did you see yesterday’s NZDUSD Forex Screenshot?  Today it hit its full 3rd target and is zooming upward for the chance at greater profits.  This trade illustrates how you can build a larger position as both the primary and ‘addon’ trades are both trailing with guaranteed additional profits.  (compare this to yesterday’s screenshot)



Check out the MT4 version of this same trade.  Remember, every broker is different and no two platforms will produce identical trades.  But the Trend Jumper setups themselves work great on MT4 as well.  This NZDUSD trade has made hundreds of pips and its trailer has nearly surpassed its 3rd target already.







  1. Henry Alford says:

    I ‘m checking this out!

  2. Fascinating but how do I make use of it with an old computer?

    • Freddy, I don’t know what you mean by ‘old computer.’ I have a custom made computer from about 8 months ago and one would argue that it is already old. Think of it like this, you’re trading against others who have the BEST tools. Computers are cheap compared to the risk one accepts by exposing themselves to the market.

  3. Hi,

    Even thoght I loaded ur indicator last week, I still find that at times in the daily TF, I dont see the trade setup as shown on ur screen shot.
    In the A/U & N/U (daily TF), I see only the 1st trade setup on my mt4, but in ur mt4 there are 2 trades shown for each pair. How is that?

    • Jadish, that is due to the fact that every broker makes his own market. Forex is a decentralized market. Quotes from each broker will vary and thus, so will the ways the bars land on the chart. There is nothing anyone can do about it. Over time though, we have found, it all comes out in the wash. Last month I showed a Tradestation USDCAD trade that was a single setup. On my MT4 platform, with Oanda as the broker, the same sequence produced 3 addons in addition to the primary trade; all winners. You just have to trade your chart. It will all come out in the wash over time.

  4. Hi,
    Could you kindly explain or direct as to how to follow this your indicator/strategy regarding what one should expect before placing a buy/sales order.
    Kindest Regareds,

    • I think the best thing for you to do would be to review the posts on this blog, dating back to the earlier posts and just follow the story line up until the current post. That’s the best way to learn what to expect.

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