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Lots of Profits Today in Futures and Forex; Trend Jumper was Cashing in Across the Board Again..

Today was very straight forward futures trading.  The biggest challenge today was just not getting bored to tears.  The markets started slow and choppy.  It goes to show why we need to keep ‘our opinions’ OUT of our trading.  We really never know what will happen.

Sample of some of Today’s Futures Trades:

  • Crude up + .33 for $330.00
  • Dow eMini + 86 Points for $430
  • Unleaded Gas Futures up +80 ticks for $336
  • Russell eMini +1.8 for $180
  • Heating Oil Futures up +16 ticks for $67
  • Wheat Futures up +12 points for $600 !!
  • DAX (Euro Session) + 41.5 points for €1,037.50 !!

All we can do is LEAN on our system and let the odds work in our favor.  We do this every day.  The system knows best as we keep growing our accounts with structure and simplification.  Days like today come with frequency and as long as we stay with the plan, we are in there when it happens.

This video will show you exactly how we hit profits across the board, using this exact idea, over and over again trading futures with Trend Jumper.

Part One; Today’s Futures Trades

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