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Dow eMini Wins 13 Sessions Straight!! Lots of Winners to Welcome our Newest Trend Jumper Members Today

Trend Jumper gave us a tour de force welcome to our newest members today, pretty much hitting on all cylinders, winning in most of our favorite daytrade markets.

  • The Dow eMini (ym), many new traders market of choice, continued along its winning ways giving us another very easy one and done session, grabbing +34 points for $170.00.
    • The YM has won 14 of the last 17 trades and has won 13 sessions in a row, hitting all new record profit levels again today!!
  • Crude Oil, which has been choppy early on lately, avoided the choppy action and handed us two winners for + .29 ticks.  We’ve seen crude really open up in the later part of the session as well.  Some traders have begun trading Crude later in the session with great success.
  • Russell eMini; + 2 points, winning two out of three today


Today’s Dow eMini Trade



Other Highlights

  • Heating Oil futures gained + 103 ticks $432.
  • Unleaded Gas futres gained + 77 ticks for $323
  • DAX + 26.5 points for €662
  • Nat Gas + 9 ticks for $90
  • GBPJPY swingtrade finally stopped out of its trailing position for +363 pips and a net total of +531 pips for the entire two position trade.  This trade began on Feb 18th.


GBPJPY Trade that just Closed for +531 pips



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