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Markets DOWN! Trend Jumper Futures Profits UP!! Despite Choppy Early ‘Tax Day’ Action

Futures profits were to be had all over the place,

despite a very choppy early part of the morning session.  We hit profit goals on pretty much everything.  Our free YM 5 minute chart tradeplan was one and done today with a strong winner as well.

  • DAX futures was tremendous again!  Two trades, one loss and one winner for + 45 points!  (See chart example below), €1,125
  • Heating Oil Futures, one loss and one win for + 41 ticks, $172
  • Unleaded Gas Futures, One and done; + 91 ticks, $382
  • Crude Oil Futures, Two small trades for + .13, $130
  • Russell eMini Futures, One for one, + 3.5, $350. 
  • Dow eMini 5 Minute FREE Strategy one for one for + 57 points (3 positions), $285
  • Nat Gas Futures; one for one; + 33.5 ticks for $335
  • Wheat Futures, one and done for + 8.5 points, $425

Could the Russell be coming alive again?  This is the time of year that we have seen the Russell catch fire for the past several years.  Forget whether the market is up or down.  As traders, we don’t care.  If the Russell repeats its pattern from the past several years, we could be in for a boat load of Russell eMini daytrade profits from now until the end of the year.  Sure there will be momentary setbacks.  That’s just trading.  Discipline, smart money and risk management and a solid tradeplan that puts the odds on our side will keep the register ringing and the equity curve growing.  THAT is the way to long term trading success!!  THAT is Trend Jumper Trading.

Today the market was DOWN but Russell profits here HIGH!



Dow eMini (YM) 5 Minute FREE Trend Jumper Tradeplan was also a big winner today.


European Daytraders have a GREAT market to trade during Euro Session hours, too.  The DAX has been nearly unstoppable since the Trend Jumper was first released to the public, last November, 2012.  Today, NEW RECORD PROFIT Levels again.



I had every intention of starting this post with more Forex results. But when something steals the show, you have to give it its just recognition and today was a day for Futures Daytraders, again!  Still, there were forex profits to be had.  Our CADJPY 15 Minute Daytrade plan continues to hit winners.  Today was no different.  We just came out with an email stating that the forex money is being made in markets that are off most people’s radar.  We prefer swing trading forex but there are some daytrade profits to be had. 

Check out today’s CADJPY 15 minute chart.  This one has continued to prove itself.  This is an MT4 Example.





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