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More Forex Swingtrade Results for 2013

  • AUDNZD was + 1392.  Now it is + 1610 with with a live trade still going.
  • AUDJPY was + 1875.  Now it is + 3032!
  • CADJPY + 3472 pips in 2013
  • AUDCAD + 2348 pips in 2013
  • GBPJPY  was + 331.  Now it is up + 2,045 pips
  • USDCAD is up + 802 pips so far in 2013, currently with two open trades
  • NZDCAD is up + 1,040 so far in 2013
  • NZDJPY is up + 931 pips so far in 2013 with an open trade

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  1. gary roberts says:

    Its the weekend and just downloaded but from what I see so far I’m excited!

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