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More Forex Swingtrade Results

Exactly one month ago, I posted some results on many of the forex pairs we are trading with the Trend Jumper.  Here’s an update.

  • EURNZD was up + 3308 pips beginning of June.  Now on July 4th, it is up + 7,042 Pips and is currently in a winning short trade that just hit its 2nd target even as I am typing this post.
  • EURAUD was up +2194.  Now it is up + 5219
  • GBPAUD was up + 3923 since April 15th.  Now it is up + 7773 pips from April 15th.  But for 2013 in total, it is up + 8801 pips!!
  • EURJPY was up + 93 pipsNOW it is up + 1704 pips
  • GBPNZD was up + 3500 pips.  Now it is up + 3941 pips
  • GBPUSD was up +3300.  Now up + 3604 with a current big winner in progress.
  • AUDUSD + 2183 pips
  • AUDCHF + 1371 pips

Stay Tuned..  More to come.  Make sure you register for the upcoming Trend Jumper Summer Release.  Here’s your last chance to grab the Trend Jumper at the lowest price, the last time it will ever be at this price, in fact.  Prices ARE going to be raised after this release.  Trend Jumper has been posting huge forex gains since its initial release and with every passing month, the pips are flowing in.

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  1. Trend Jumper – are the pip gains you state (e.g. EURNZD = +7042) based on a 4-digit or 5-digit Meta platform. That is, does +7042 pips equate to $70,420 for standard contract or $7042?

    • Russ, they are based on a full pip. We consider the 5th digit a tick, which is a 10th of a pip. I have a way of rounding and using that extra digit with my entries, stops and targets. Keep in mind that these are large trades based on daily bars. We do not recommend trading full size lots until that point down the road when one’s capital has really grown to a substantial level. We cover this in greater detail with the training, but we are recommending 1% of one’s capital at the most be put on any one trade due to how we scale in and out.

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