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New Asian Session Forex Daytrade Plan with Trend Jumper

The Trend Jumper is a very versatile strategy and the more we use it, the more we discover innovative ways to use it to create profitable trade opportunities.  We have had numerous requests for forex daytrade plans that would work during the Asian Session.  While we’re not big on daytrading forex in general, much preferring to swingtrade forex instead, there are some opportunities that are worth our attention.  The trick of course, is trading when the markets are active.

Trading the Asian Session does have its advantages for a lot of people.  Forex moves when it moves and the one thing we don’t want to do, is spend our life waiting for something to happen.  That’s not why we trade.  We trade for an improved lifestyle that gives us more freedom, not one that shackles us to the computer screen 24/7!  The Asian Session is typically unreliable in that it could give a lot of action at times, and then at other times it could be quite slow.

The best times I’ve discovered for trading what might be termed the ‘Asian Session’ are from 9 pm to midnight, est.  For those of us who live on the West Coast, it couldn’t be more perfect.  Especially for those who are trying to balance their jobs with daytrading.  For us, it works great from 6pm pst to 9 pm.

A new tradeplan was just published on the Trend Jumper Member’s Club website.  It is just the first of more to come.  Here are the highlights.

AUDUSD 15 minute chart

  1. Over $45,000 in profits using the standard 2 position approach (based on 2 full lots)
  2. A Profit Factor of 2.40 with over 380 trades since nearly 3 years ago
  3. An expectancy (average net profit per trade) of $120
  4. Ratio of Avg win over avg loss of 1.15
  5. It posted a 23 trade winning streak while the worst losing streak was only 5.  It also had an 11 trade win streak, a 10 trade streak, and several others of 9, 8, 7, 6 , 5, 4, etc..  Not bad!
  6. Smart filters and dynamic targeting to accommodate the nature of time based charts.  This is KEY!

This is a very tight and controlled tradeplan.  It only takes trades for 3 hours max per days.  As stated above, it can be perfect for those who want to place some controlled daytrades once returning from work, or for anyone else who wants to trade at night.  And like I said, there are more to come.  Many of the JPY crosses are showing excellent results, as well as other Aussie and Kiwi pairs.  With Trend Jumper, there are so many possibilities.

Best of all, Trend Jumper is about to announce a special release for Forex traders, later this month.  Make sure you are signed up for it.

Today was one and done for 20 pips.  Yesterday was also one and done for  +58 pips.  The entire trade was clearly marked on the chart, showing entry, target, stop and clear trade management tools to get the most out of the trade while it was progressing.  Stay tuned for more!





  1. Hi TJ
    I am member of PTU Trend Jumper Owners Club I have for MT4, where do we find the Asian Forex Day Trade Plan on the sight

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