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New Forex and Stocks Trend Jumper Tradeplans Available

New Members will be treated to some excellent new Stocks and forex tradeplans that have been specifically designed for Forex.  Details will be announced during the webinar tomorrow.  We’ll also have some new Stock/Option Tradeplans available, too.

Here are some Highlights of our new 4 hour charts.  Each of these plans have been tested over a complete three full years using the Trend Jumper Automation, two full size lots per trade.  The stock charts are based on per share and can be traded with simple in the money puts and call options.

  • GBPUSD, $137,000, 74% win rate
  • EURCAD, $141,840, 77% win rate
  • AUDUSD, $142,089, 69% win rate
  • GBPNZD, $120,880, 68.4% win rate
  • GOOG (based on last 10 years!), $1,589.21 per share, 68.5% win rate
  • NFLX, $283 per share, 70% win rate
  • AAPL, $1640 per share, 68% win rate
  • VXX, $1337 per share since 2009, 85.7% win rate, Profit Factor of 14.18!!


More forex and stock tradeplans to come!!

Be sure to register for the upcoming Webinar to see more Trend Jumper and to find out how you can get involved trading futures, forex, stocks and options with this exciting strategy.

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