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New Forex Custom Swingtrade Plans for Trend Jumper; GBPUSD 4 Hr Chart

Trend Jumper loves forex and forex traders love Trend Jumper.  At least amongst the Trend Jumper membership.  I’m excited to announce that we have begun to release a new collection of customized swingtrade plans for forex 4 hour charts.

We have been banking literally thousands of pips of profit using our tried and true daily (end of day) forex swingtrade plans for nearly a year now.  Since then we have added a small but profitable collection of forex daytrade plans as well.  There has been a lot of requests for other timeframes.  One of the most requested is the 4 hour chart.

Well, let the party begin!  Today marks the first of many new 4 hour chart forex tradeplans for trend jumper.  Each tradeplan is presented with great detail, explaining every aspect of the trade, from start to finish.  Each trade outlines the entry, targets, stop, and trade management maneuvers we do as each trade progresses.  They can be used on Tradestation, MT4 and Ninja Trader.

Here’s why we are so excited about these tradeplans.  Check out these numbers, which are based on the backtest results over the past 3 years (two positions, one full size lot each position):

  1. Net Profit of $131,311.44
  2. Winning Percentage of 73%
  3. Avg Profit per trade (expenctancy): $490
  4. Winning streaks of 16, 9, 8 and 7
  5. Worst losing streak over the past 3 years was just 4 trades!


Check out the 3 year forex equity curve for GBPUSD, as per the two positions, 1 full lot each, 268 trades



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