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New Forex Swingtrade Plan for the AUDUSD, 4 Hour Chart

This forex swingtrade plan marks the 2nd submission of tradeplans designed specifically for the 240 minute (four hour) chart using customized Trend Jumper Pro Tradeplans.  As powerful as our first plan has been for the GBPUSD, this new one of the AUDUSD has been even more profitable.

All details of the tradeplan are fully disclosed on the Trend Jumper Private Owner’s Club.  All Trend Jumper Members get full access to all the published tradeplans which include plans for daytrading and swingtrading for many different futures, forex, stocks and ETFs.  Up until now, most of the tradeplans have been quite simply, plug and play, using the original Trend Jumper tradeplan, which has been so versatile and profitable, it literally continues to work on numerous markets.

We have barely begun to fully explore the vast potential of opportunity open to us by actually customizing the indicator set.  The Trend Jumper tools are very powerful and we are discovering many brand new opportunities which we have begun to publish onto the Owner’s Club.  Currently we are building up a collection of 4 hour forex charts and end of day stocks and ETF charts.

Check out the numbers on this latest installment of our 4 hour forex collection, the AUDUSD.  These numbers are based on the backtest results from the past 3 years, 2 positions, one full lot per position, 308 trades:

  1. Net Profit $147,332
  2. Profit Factor 2.23
  3. 70% winning percentage
  4. Avg net profit per trade (expectancy) $478
  5. Winning streaks of 19, 12, 11 and 10 trades to name the four highest
  6. One losing streak of 7 trades


Forex Equity curve since July 15, 2010, of the AUDUSD 4 hour chart



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