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New Forex Swingtrade Plan for the Red Hot EURAUD Posted to the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club

If you are a forex trader, than hopefully you know by now that the EURAUD has been one of THE hottest pairs this year.  Last year was great too.  Our End of Day swingtrade plan has literally posted thousands of pips.  As I continue to explore more possibilities with the Trend Jumper, I decided to stay with the theme of the last few months and continue to focus on 4 hour (faster) swingtrade plans.

We’ve already got brand new forex 4 hour swingtrade plans for:


We’ve also got a very effective 5 Minute Tradeplan for some of the hottest JPY pairs, the EURJPY being our preferred as well as the following Custom 15 Minute Tradeplans:


 ** Today we’ll be adding the Red Hot EURAUD to the list.  Backtests show this forex tradeplan has posted some amazing numbers over the past three years. **

  • + 9000 pips of profit
  • Profit Factor of 2.97
  • Average Profit per trade (Expectancy) of 88.6 pips
  • Avg win:Avg loss Ratio of 1.62


Check out this forex Equity Curve for the EURAUD which shows all the trades over the past three years, 204 trades.



Stay tuned for MORE Announcements of the latest tradeplans being published on the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club.

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