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New Swingtrade Plan for AAPL Just Published on the Trend Jumper Private Owner’s Club

This swingtrade plan is the 2nd installment of our new collection of tradeplans for stocks, ETFs and Options.  As great a trading market as GOOG is, AAPL is equally good and some might argue it has been even better.

Trend Jumper loves any market with good price action.  With simple calls and puts, stock and ETF charts can give excellent trades with great leverage and low risk.  Even losing trades involve selling back our options and capturing some of the premium back to our accounts.  In other words, we never risk the full cost of the option.  When you consider that fact in addition to the excellent stats that our Stock and ETF Trend Jumper Tradeplans offer, it makes a very compelling argument to add these tradeplans to your portfolio of trades.

Check out these numbers, which date back a full 10 years.  They are based on the standard 2 position Trend Jumper approach using just ONE share per position:

  1. Net Profit $1,640.32 per share
  2. Profit Factor: 3.14
  3. 68.4% winning percentage
  4. Average profit per trade: $12.06 (per share)
  5. Avg win:avg loss is 1.45 !!
  6. Winning streaks of 12, 11 and 8 trades
  7. Worst losing streak over the past 10 years was just 4


Check out the equity curve over the past 10 years with just a single share per each position (two positions per trade)

071613_AAPL Curve

Hopefully you can see why we continue to be so excited about the PTU Trend Jumper trade strategy. We have barely scratched the surface and more tradeplans will be following this one, including a brand new collection of forex 4 hour chart swingtrade plans.  Make sure you are on the list so you don’t miss our next release.

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