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New Trade Profits Today on ALL our Favorite Daytrade Markets

Today was one of those days when every single market we daytrade hit it’s ‘power of quitting’ goals with the very first trade; one and done, in other words, posting new trade profits in all our favorite markets.  We just welcomed over 100 brand new Trend Jumper Members and many of them were in the traderoom to witness market after market, starting, getting into their first trade, and then finishing with full winners.  This is what I like to refer to as trader nirvana.  It’s not always this easy, but one thing for sure, the Trend Jumper keeps on winning, keeps on breaking to new equity highs, keeps on growing our profits and so long as we continue to put the odds in our favor and stick to the tradeplans, great things continue to happen.

Check out today’s profits:

  • DAX; + 35 points, new equity highs
  • Soybeans; +2.25
  • Heating Oil Futures; +140 ticks
  • Crude Futures; + .64
  • YM; + 25 points
  • TF; was one and done on Ninja Trader.  On Tradestation, it took 2 trades;+ 2.4 points
  • NQ; + 3.75 (not a market I actively follow but it was one and done, none the less.)
  • EURJPY; currently in a winning trade with over + 25 pips locked in.  It’s one and done as well.  Just a question of how much the current trade will end up making, at this point.
See Today’s current EURJPY Trade, profits up over + 25 pips and still going


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