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New Tradeplans Announced for Swing Trading Stocks and ETFs

New Tradeplans are scheduled to be released throughout the next few months focusing on stocks and ETFs.  The Trend Jumper loves Stocks and ETFs and there are so many great trade opportunities in many different sectors.  Individual stocks like LULU, PCLN and CELG to name just a few each have their own tradeplans.  The opportunities in individual stocks is practically limitless!

You can also diversify your trading with many heavily traded ETFs in all the different sectors; energy, precious metals, stock indexes, even individual countries.

Check out the list of the next several Stocks and ETF tradeplans being made available over the next few months.  Notice the Avg Profit per trade (net of all wins and losses) was like owning a mint to print money.  Handsome profit factors, too!  These plans are being posted to the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club and the Premier Trader University (PTU) website.

  • QQQ
    • Avg net profit per trade was $2.02 per share over the past 11 years
    • Profit Factor of 3.07
  • LULU
    • Avg NP $1.75 since 2007
    • PF 2.51
  • CELG
    • Avg NP $1.81 since 200
    • PF 3.01
  • GDX Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF
    • Avg NP + .97 since 2006
    • PF 2.28
    • low cost options for low risk, reliable trades winning over 70% of the time
  • USO United States Oil Fund ETF
    • +.74 per trade since 2006
    • PF 3.42 with very low cost options
    • This plan wins over 75% of the time.
  • GLD Spider Gold Trust ETF
    • + 2.09 per trade since 2005
    • PF 2.30
  • SLV iShare Silver Trust ETF
    • + 1.26 per share since 2006
    • PF 3.92
  • RSX Market Vectors Russia
    • + 1.10 per share since 2007
    • PF 4.57
  • EPI Wisdom Tree India Earnings
    • + .82 per share since 2008
    • PF 4.24
  • HYG iShares iBoxx High Yield Bond ETF
    • +.75 per share
    • PF 3.23

All the symbols above trade enough volume to trade simple calls and puts using the setups that occur on the actual stock chart with Trend Jumper.  You can nail down double and triple digit percentage gains using this innovative approach.  Many more stock and ETF tradeplans are on the way, too.  Including a brand new tradeplan for one of the best trading markets in the history of the world, AAPL, Apple Computer.

Stay tuned for a revamped tradeplan.  Since the 7 for 1 stock split we are working on something that will be better suited for the current AAPL.

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* Above results are based on past performance as of today’s session.  Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.  Trading is always risky.




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