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New Tradeplans for Stocks, ETFs and Options Being Published to the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club

The first tradeplan of a collection of many which will follow shortly, is a custom tradeplan, created with the Trend Jumper Pro Automation using an End of Day (daily) chart of Google.  Google has been and remains one of the best trading instruments available.  Not just stocks, by the way.  When comparing how daily charts of Google (GOOG) has traded over the many years it has been in existence, with other stocks, forex or futures markets, it has been one of the most steadily profitable charts to trade.  That is why we have selected it as the first installment of what will soon be a rather large and diversified collection of stocks and ETFs that can be traded with Trend Jumper.

Consider these numbers, as the backtest results show, dating back to August, 2004:

  1. Net Profit of $1,589.21 per share.
    1. Options traders could use the setups on the underlying stock symbol chart to buy simple calls and puts.
  2. Profit Factor: 3.17
  3. Average Net Profit per Trade: $13.47
  4. 69.5% winning percentage
  5. Avg win:Avg loss is 1.39
  6. Winning streaks of 17, 11 and 10 trades
  7. Worst losing streak was 6, which only happened once.  The 2nd worst losing streak was just 3 trades


This equity curve shows all the trades since Aug 19th, 2004 and is based on the tradeplan’s two position approach, a single share per position.




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