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Not to Sound Like a Broken Record, but the YM has Broken the Record AGAIN Today!

I promise, I will write about something other than the YM.  BUT, the story is just too darn good to ignore.  I need get a parrot or something.  Caw, caw!  The YM busts out again!! But look back at the past posts, going all the way back to the beginning of this blog and you will see the story continually unfolding.  Not just on the YM.

 Today, the YM needed two trades to get it done, but get it done it did.

  • + 24 points


Also, if you have already downloaded and installed the FREE gift we are giving away, a tradeplan AND special Trend Jumper Indicators to trade the YM 5 minute chart, hopefully you already caught the winning session this morning.  I can’t tell you exactly how much because it is currently in a winning position and is trailing for greater profits.  The trade hasn’t finished, in other words.  If it were to stop out at its current stop placement, it would end the session UP, + 14 points.  This could go quite a bit further though.  We’ll have more on this one tomorrow.

In other news:

  • CL finished UP today, + 21
  • Heating Oil Futures ended UP today,  + 49 ticks
  • Unleaded Gas Futures ended UP today, + 81 ticks
  • DAX ended UP today, + 20.5 points
  • Wheat Futures ended UP today, + 2 points
  • Russell eMini ended UP + 4.5 points (TF could be heating up as in past years beginning around the middle of April)
  • AUDNZD hit its first target on a short trade that setup last Thursday.  + 75 pips with the remaining positions near to risk free after moving the stops down.
  • Our USDMXN trades have hit a variety of targets on different addon positions.


USDMXN ?  Really?  You Bet-cha!!  Lots of profits to be had as the Mexican Peso STREGTHENS  against the all mighty US Greenback.  Go figure!  Planning a trip to Mexico?  Maybe you’d be best off waiting.  The dollar just doesn’t have the same purchasing power these days.



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