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Options Expiration is Hard to Trade, but Profits CAN be Made

I do NOT like trading during Options Expiration but there are often some good trades to be had.  It’s just a matter of knowing your tradeplan.  For me, I always lower my expectations and try to pick off my winner quickly.  If I can’t, I just walk away with a bruised shinbone.  I will not risk losing my legs.  I’d rather just come back on Monday.  There was a time when I’d bruise more than my shinbone, focusing in more on my bruised ego!  That always leads to disaster.  There is NO place for egos in the trading business. There is only the tradeplan, the EDGE that makes you money over time.  Learn this now or learn this later, but if you don’t learn it soon, you run the risk of going broke!

Despite Options Expiration, Trend Jumper offered up good trades on numerous markets today

  • Russell eMini Makes + 2 points
  • Dow eMini Makes + 13 points or + 20 points depending on the trade on took (I explain both in this video)
  • Dax Futures makes + 15.5 points
  • Crude Oil Futures makes + .20
  • Soybeans had chances to get positive too, with a nice + 6 point trade.  Currently in a long trade that hasn’t finished
  • Plenty of other good trades today.

I treated today’s session right in style of the way I trade, being true to myself and my tradeplan.  This video walks through the Russell eMini and the Down eMini.  I had hoped to cover Crude and Soybeans but instead spent extra time going through these two markets (and trades) in great detail.  Whether you trade these markets,  equities, forex, or whatever, it doesn’t matter.  The principals I discuss are true in all markets when trying to master the Trend Jumper and better understand what our indicators are saying to us.

This video discusses in great detail the trades I was either interested in or taking, during today’s somewhat (typically) choppy options expiration session.

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