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EURUSD Winning 75% — Trend Jumper Pro Plus Tradeplans Going Strong


The EURUSD is doing great, for sure, on many different timeframes, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The Trend Jumper Pro Plus is such a powerful piece of software, opening up a whole world of trade opportunities on many different markets and charts, that it’s not hard to find success as a trader […]

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Trading the Crude Oil Inventory Report with the Trend Jumper


Like shooting fish in a barrel, trading the Crude Oil Inventory Report continues to be a very effective trade strategy and plan with the Trend Jumper.  If you’ve been following along over the years, you’d know that we really like a 377 tick chart for our Crude Oil Futures trades.  We use that chart each […]

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Trading the Trend Jumper with MT4

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EURJPY Continues to be an Excellent Forex Pair to Trade with Trend Jumper


The EURJPY 5 Minute chart is a great daytrade chart.  It has great volume, excellent movement and low spread costs; three prerequisites to a good daytrading forex chart.  What’s more is that the tradeplan we use in the Trend Jumper Traderoom and the one that is taught in great detail on the Trend Jumper Owner’s […]

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Trend Jumper Still Performing well with ALL the Usual Suspects


I’ve been writing about and teaching the Trend Jumper for over three years now.  With all that time and experience with the strategy you might think that nothing could surprise me.  That’s pretty much true.  What also is true that I continue to marvel at how well it works, on the very same charts SINCE three […]

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Another Strong Crude Oil Futures Monday!


This is one of our most resilient tradeplans.  It has been going strong for over 3 years!  Today the chart looks the exact same as when it started, consistently winning. Crude Oil Futures was one and done to start the week! As much as we love Crude Oil Futures, Trend Jumper continues to work great […]

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Trend Jumper Professional Advanced Training Bootcamp is Back


The final Trend Jumper Professional Advanced Training Bootcamp and Pro Tools Software set, complete with Automated Trade Assist is taking place this coming week on Sept 10th and 11th. We have many new Trend Jumper Members and a bunch of ‘wiley old veterans’ who will be attending.  This round will prove to be exciting as […]

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Crude Oil Futures Hits its Trading Goals in 57 Seconds Today


Crude Oil Futures has been one of the best daytrading markets one could trade.  The recent volatility has made trading CL a dream.  Today with Trend Jumper, our multi-year long running tradeplan hit its goals for the day in under a minute with a near perfect target. Crude Oil Futures made +.15 in less than […]

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Back from our Trend Jumper Pro Plus Advanced Training in Las Vegas


Last week we finished another Trend Jumper Pro Plus Advanced Training Session that we held both online and in person at the Monte Carlo Hotel, Las Vegas.  We had a great time meeting those that came to join us.  During the training we focused on all the enhanced tools that come loaded with the Trend Jumper Pro […]

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Russell eMini Makes New Equity Highs


The Russell eMini has been on fire during a time of the year that has typically been tough to trade.  That was before the invention of the Trend Jumper however.  Last year we saw excellent profit growth as well.  This year, the Russell eMini is already up + 56.4 points per our two position approach. If […]

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