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Part Two of Today’s Video Focusing on Trend Jumper Forex and MT4

Lots of Forex Profits to be had, with Trend Jumper:

  • Current open positions are cummulatively up over +900 pips already, as of this writing!
  • I just closed half of my NZDCAD long trade for a nifty +100 pips with a risk free trailer now still in play.
  • AUDCAD also just exited half for +85 pips
  • GBPAUD triggered short last night and is already zooming to its 2nd target, with +96 pips per position.  Whether it goes the distance or not, I’ll be enjoying a completely risk free trade!
  • GBPNZD hitting its 1st target just since last night!
  • GBPJPY closing in on its 2nd Target, just since last night, too!
  • So many more great examples, some of which are shown in this video using MT4

I think you’ll enjoy this video.  Check out the positions I am taking as well as a bunch that just finished with big profits.  At the end of the video, you can see all my current open positions using this exact same strategy.  Trend Jumper is such a pleasure to trade because it is so easy, so effective and the structure on the chart along with smart tradeplans stack the odds in our favor on every single trade and THAT is what rings the register consistently and dependably.  In MY humble opinion, there is no better way to trade.  Perhaps this video will move many of you into the camp of agreeing with me.  At the very least, make sure you are signed up for the upcoming release webinar.  We are releasing Trend Jumper for only the 2nd time ever and we’ll be unveiling our first ever MT4 version.

— Check back tomorrow to see how these trades and others are progressing.  Spoiler alert!  GBPUSD is ringing the register right now.  Tomorrow we’ll look at thi exact same sequence on both Tradestation and MT4, along with progress reports of some other live trades; those above and more.

Part 2; Forex swingtrading with Trend Jumper and MT4

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