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Profits Rise; Weekly Totals Hit Record Levels Again

Profits keep rising.  All one has to do is learn the strategy and the follow the tradeplan.  We don’t win every trade but we don’t have to.  It’s not possible anyway.  The tradeplan makes money so our job is to just stay with it.  Lean on the system and good things happen.

If you’ve been following along, you will have seen that Trend Jumper keeps hitting new equity highs.  The tradeplans keep posting more and more positive points.  This week ended very strong.  Check out how each of the markets we follow, hit record profits nearly every day this week.

Today was Non Farm Payroll.  These are the profits:

  • DAX Futures; one and done again for + 22.5 points, new record profits and a weekly gain of + 143 points for 3,575 euro profits.
  • Russell eMini made + 2.3 today, one and done, finishing the week winning all 5 sessions with + 19.1 points, $1910 in profits.
  • Dow eMini made + 13 points today with two trades, winning 4 sessions and breaking even on one.  Total points for the week was + 109 for all time record profits with this tradeplan dating all the way back to November, 2012!
  • Soybean Futures were one and done again today for + 3 points.  This dynamic market has won 8 out of 11 trades this week to finish the week with + 22.25 points, $1112.50 in profits.  It is on a 14 session winning streak!
  • Heating Oil Futures gained + 20 ticks today, finishing the week with + 186 ticks for $781 in profits.  Of you course you have to factor in trade costs as well, but still, a nicely profitable week.  It has won the last 12 sessions in a row.
  • Crude Oil Futures went two for two today, gaining +.73 for $730.  For the week, it won 10 out of 12 trades for +2.19, $2190 in profits, winning all 5 sessions.
  • ES had to work a little harder today but it fought its way to a small gain, + .5.  However it ended the week up with a strong + 17.25 points, winning all 5 sessions and the last 7 sessions in a row.
  • EURJPY put together a nice week, gaining + 85 pips and finished the week strong with + 410 pips.

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