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  1. Any chance of you folks coming up with a mirror trading program for the working man. would love to trade all the time but have to work and just to tired when I get home. Thank You, Mickey

    • Hey Mickey,

      Thanks for your request. I’ll suggest it to management. It would be a great service but I’m not sure if that’s something that we will do, at this point.

  2. can this plan be used to trade on 4hour char

    • Trend Jumper is very versatile and will work on 4 hour charts although I really haven’t spent much time with that timeframe. I find the daily charts to require much less of my time and to be incredibly profitable and effective. I typically spend a few minutes per trade and that’s it. With a 4 hour chart, you have to be attentive much more frequently and for me, I’d rather NOT have to be tethered to my computer screen for hours and hours. I realize it is a personal decision and some folks like that, but I’d rather spend about 15 minutes per day with my forex swingtrades and with the daily charts, that is quite sufficient.

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