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Recent Forex Swingtrade Results with Trend Jumper

The Trend Jumper can be used in many ways.  My favorite way to swingtrade forex is using daily charts and scaling out profits at each target level, while also using the tools to reduce risk, cut risk and then continually lock in profit as the trade progresses past each target level.  I also love to build large positions while taking advantage of the longer term trending nature of forex.  Trend Jumper guides me every step of the way, with clearly marked ‘dots’ on the chart, that tell me exactly what to do, and when.

Check out these recent results that have just occurred since the last release of the Trend Jumper, just this last April.  Results are based on the 4 position approach, scaling out at each of 3 targets and trailing the 4th position.  Spread costs have been factored in as well.

  • AUDUSD; +2261 AND open positions are still going with over + 300 pips profit locked in with the potential of gaining a whole lot more.
  • USDJPY; + 372 with open positions still going that have over +300 pips locked in with the trailer and potential for even more.
  • AUDNZD; + 1,392 and still going
  • GBPJPY; + 331 with open trailers that have over + 1000 pips locked in!
  • GBPAUD; + 3923 pips since April 15th.  Since May 1st, + 2244.
  • EURAUD; + 2194 and still going
  • EURJPY; + 93 pips
  • NZDCAD; + 878 pips
  • USDCAD; + 507 pips

There are many more Forex trades and results but this is what I have so far over the past couple months and I wanted to get this out right away.  Not all have been gang busters, but most have.  The most popular pairs continue to be the laggards, a pattern that we continually see.  EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDCHF are the worst performers which is no surprise.

Here’s a typical forex swingtrade example using our 4 position approach.  I have color coded the profit results to match each trade.  You can see nearly + 4000 pips of profit just within the last several weeks.  Also, you will see the current trade and the trade parameters on the data window to the right.  We’re focused on the top group of white numbers.  The chart looks busy and complicated only because I marked it up to show off the profits of this excellent move.  We see these types of move all the time.  Best part of all, is that the tradeplan is fully explained and we trade each forex pair the exact same way, investing just a few minutes per day.



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