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Renko and the Trend Jumper

Here’s a short introductory video demonstrating how you could use Trend Jumper to trade with renko bars.  This is an area we have just begun to explore, illustrating yet another way one could be extremely profitable with the versatile PTU Trend Jumper strategy.

Check out this renko chart here on Youtube:


  1. Troy,

    I enjoyed your TrendJumper Renko video, any plans on trying it on forex eod charts?


    • Great, Michael! Glad you enjoyed it. NO formal plans but I’m sure I’ll be checking it out at some point. Of course, anyone who owns the Trend Jumper doesn’t have to wait for me.

  2. I use Trend Jumper, on Renko chart for the last 2 months and really works fantastic. With Trend Jumper I use channel indicator, in order to increase accuracy! Average I can catch 400 pips per pair in a month!

    • Dusan, that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing. I believe it is very smart to use some sort of trend analysis to augment the renko chart with Trend Jumnper. Sounds like you hit upon a winning formula. Well done! Feel free to share more because as a trader community, we ALL get stronger. Thanks again!!

    • Dusan,
      Great job! What time frame have you been using?


  3. Hello! Wehe can we find templates PTU Trend Jumper for Renko charts?
    Thank you!

    • There are no renko templates. Trend Jumper Pro Plus is renko enabled, but at this point there are no templates or researched tradeplans. That something that is taught so that each trader can do their own work on that.

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