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Russell eMini Gains + 10.7 points and New Record Profit Levels

The Russell eMini was one and done again today, this time gaining 10.7 points on a very straight forward trade that had us profiting from the market sell-off.   As traders, we couldn’t care less if the market goes up or down.  All we care about is that it goes somewhere.  Today, it did.

Last week, the Russell eMini was one and done, each of the 5 sessions, for a perfect 5 for 5 and a weekly result of + 12.6.  Today, in one trade we nearly matched that.  This is a very exciting time of year for Trend Jumper and PTU Traders.  While we had a great summer, hitting record profit levels in the face of slow, low volatility and low range markets, now we are poised to strap on our seat belts and enjoy some high flying volatility and increases in trade ranges.  That’s what typically happens and I don’t see this year being any different.

Here’s a look at today’s Russell eMini trade using the all powerful PTU Trend Jumper Pro Plus Tool Set, currently being offered with our Fall enrollment.  Classes begin this October 1st and while these always sell out, there are still some seats available.  This session will prove to be another excellent round of training as we focus in on the powerful tools in the Pro Plus Calculator and Trade Assist (automation).

Today’s Russell eMini Trade



Many other markets and tradeplans that we have been using long term, continue to make record profit levels.

Today, the DAX + 42 points, Crude Oil+ 18, and Heating Oil + 88, hit record profit levels again. Soybean Futures was one and done for + 3 points.  Also, the EURJPY 5 minute plan is coming off a record profit levels last week, when it gained + 630 pips over the last two weeks!

It was the Trend Jumper Reversal that produced the + 88 ticks on Heating Oil Today.

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