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Russell eMini; Huge Profits Continue Gigantic Winning Streak

The Russell eMini has not had a losing session with the Trend Jumper and our 1 point Momentum Bar Tradeplan since March 10th!  Today it opened with a strong winner to continue that trend.  As of this writing, it is currently in a trade up over + 14 points, for a profit over $1400 today!  Two trades.

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See the Russell eMini trade that is still going as of this post, locking in over $1400 and keeping a two month session winning streak alive



The Russell eMini is not the only story this morning.  Soybeans is on a longer winning streak.  Not losing a session since Feb 21st!.  Today, it too posted a huge gain of + 13.75 points, one and done.



Soybeans and the Russell eMini are practically the exact same tradeplans.  Different markets, different charts, same methodology and approach.  There were lots of profits today, some completely different than the Russell eMini.  XAUUSD for example, also had a big winner to start the week.  It’s 3 position approach as taught in the PTU Trend Jumper Owner’s Club gained + 143.6 pips today, one and done.



Today’s ReCap (Power of Quitting 1)

  • DAX Futures; + 56 points and new record profit levels
  • Russell eMini; + 18.3 points for $1,830; session winning streak since March 10th.  Making record profit levels every day for nearly two straight months!
  • Soybean Futures; + 13.75 points for $687.5; session winning streak since Feb 21st, making record profit levels every day for over two months!
  • Crude Oil Futures; + .41; $410
  • Heating Oil Futures; + 39 ticks
  • XAUUSD (Gold/USD); + 143.6 pips, one and done today
  • EURJPY + 40 pips
  • ES; + 7.25 points; 6 session winning streak
  • YM; + 11 points

register for this week’s live demo and Q & A, this Thursday, May 15th.





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