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Russell eMini Makes New Equity Highs

The Russell eMini has been on fire during a time of the year that has typically been tough to trade.  That was before the invention of the Trend Jumper however.  Last year we saw excellent profit growth as well.  This year, the Russell eMini is already up + 56.4 points per our two position approach.

If you are following our model tradeplan with running tally of the Russell eMini, you should be happy to see that the initial $5000 starting balance has already grown to nearly $11,000 in just a little over five months.  That’s more than a 200% annualized return.  Moreover, per the tradeplan, last week a 2nd position was just added.

Russell eMini weekly totals over the past 4 weeks

  • Last week, the Russell eMini ended with + 7.9 points for $790.
  • The Prior week, ending 2/6; + 7.6 points
  • The week ending 1/30; + 9.9 points
  • 1/23; + 13.9 points, etc.

Check out the model tradeplan with running tally here

Today the Russell eMini was one and done for a record profit level gaining + 1.7 points





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