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Russell eMini Trading Profits Explode in May

The Russell eMini caught fire as it typically does once May rolls around.  This week did not disappoint with lots of winners and a very profitable run that if history repeats, should continue.  May usually marks the time when we can expect profitable monthly NET totals through the end of the year.   Of course every year is different and once in a while a month will produce a losing net result but that’s pretty rare.

Today finished the week strong, ending the session with a profitable result after just three trades.  I decided to record a short video highlighting this week’s Russell eMini trades, talking through each session so that you can get a sense for how we go about our trading business with the Trend Jumper strategy.  Tomorrow I’ll post a video with some of today’s other trades, focusing on some of our favorite tradeplans.

Check out this week’s trades in the Russell eMini, which only had a couple losing trades all week, winning all five of its sessions to kick off the beginning of ‘profit time.’  May usually is the beginning of a very strong profit run with many markets using the Trend Jumper, especially the Russell eMini.

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