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Russell eMini; Two Great Ways to Trade it with Trend Jumper

The Russell eMini typically trades very profitably from mid April on.  This year has been no different.  Our tried and true 377 tick chart continues to perform well.  Today, on a very choppy, no news summer Tuesday, it was able to hit our ‘power of quitting’ goals with just one trade for + 2.2 points.

Trade Coach Mike Rykse recently posted his somewhat customized Trend Jumper tradeplan on the Owner’s Club, using a 1 point Momentum Range bar.  This has been a very successful tradeplan for him.  One of the benefits of Trend Jumper Membership is being able to take advantage of the collective intellect of the NetPicks Coaches and the very smart traders that make up the overall membership braineryMike’s plan was also one and done today for a nice profit of + 2.8 points.

See the Mike Rykse 1 pnt. Momentum Bar Russell eMini Futures Trade Today



Our EURJPY 5 Min Chart also continues to perform well.  After a slow start, we caught a really nice short trade to end the session quite positive.  as of this writing, the trade is still trailing its final position. 



This tradeplan also works great on other JPY pairs for those who want to be more active daytrading forex.  Check out today’s AUDJPY chart for example.  It was another very successful session with winners in both directions.  This works well on the USDJPY and CADJPY, too.



Other Highlights of the Day:

  • DAX hits Record Profit Levels Again.  Today, another one and done session for + 39.5 points in 11 minutes!
  • Unleaded Gas Futures grabbed + 81 ticks, one and done
  • Heating Oil Futures hit its goal with a whopping 1 tick today.  Hey!  We take what the market wants to give us.  That’s the way to cookie crumbled today.
  • Dow eMini Futures hit a New Record Profit Level Again. + 31 Points Today!
  • Euro Currency Futures were one and done for + 21 ticks, $262.50
  • EURJPY gained + 44 pips today
  • Russell eMini 377 tick chart + 2.1 ticks for $210


Other Profitable markets today include:

ES, NQ, British Pound Futures, Nat Gas Futures, Copper Futures, Gold Futures, AAPL daytrade chart (377 tick), Russell eMini, Eurobund, Soybean Futures, Silver Futures, Wheat Futures and Brent Crude Futures.


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