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The Russell eMini Wins 26 Consecutive Sessions!

The Russell eMini has been on a huge winning streak.  It has finished each of the last 26 sessions positive.  In fact, the last losing session was over a month ago, on Sept 18th.  Today, on options expiration Friday, a session that is typically challenging and often does not end well, posted a very modest 1 point gain, which had us quitting with our ‘power of quitting’ goals in hand.  After a very profitable week, + 18.7 points, we’re not complaining.

It wasn’t all peaches and cream this week, either.  Wednesday tested our resolve, starting with a loss and then going back and forth for a number of trades.  Sticking to the plan paid off big though as we hit the ball out of the part with our final trade and ended the session up + 6.8 points.

You can see the Russell eMini trades and follow our model plan on this blog, HERE.

Here is the Russell eMini Trade that had us quitting the Wed session with + 6.8 points


Other Markets ended strong this week, too.  Record profit levels in many markets with our ongoing tradeplans.  Here are a few more of the highlights this week:

  • DAX Futures posted an unbelievable + 223 points this week!  Record Profit levels hit every day this week.  Today it ended up + 19 points.  At 25 Euros per point, you can quickly see how living a dream life on the French or Italian Riviera is absolutely doable!
  • Soybean Futures gained + 11.75 points this week for new record profit levels.  It finished today with two trades, + 5 points
  • YM ended the week with a modest but positive + 28 points
  • NQ and ES also posted strong winning weeks.



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