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Slow Session Still Produces Some Nice Winners

This is Bernanke Testimony week and as typically would be considered as being true to form, today was a slow, listless session with very little energy in most of our favorite markets.  Still though, it turned out pretty good for the most part.

  • The EURJPY 5 Min forex plan was the hero, gaining + 55 pips
  • Unleaded Gas Futures gained + 46 ticks, for $193
  • Heating Oil Futures only gained + 9 ticks but ended positive on just two trades.  We’ll take it!
  • As of this post, the YM and TF are still working it out.  We’ll have to wait for the jury to return to see what the final verdict is.
  • Crude Futures seemed to be a half step out of sync today as two of our ‘would-be’ winning trades stopped out with only one tick, due to our trade mgt rules, prior to then lifting off to full target.  Heck, nothing’s ever perfect.  The final trade pulled us back to breakeven and we were done for the session with – .01.
  • DAX Futures also was strong, winning + 37.5 points with just one trade for 937 Euros. 

Patience really pays off.  Sometimes we open our shops and it turns out to just be a slow day.  We know though, that very busy days tend to follow the slow ones.  Keep everything in context and realize that markets operate outside of the time and space that we mortals tend to always relate to.  Traders need to operate outside of time and space, too.  If you’re a little negative, it’s really no big deal.  Don’t be a hero and realize you don’t have to make it back on the very next trade or session.  It will come when it comes.  Just operate your trade business, stay disciplined to your tradeplan and the two steps forward will come.  Just make sure your shop is open when it happens.

Update at 6:20 pm, est:

  • The YM ended down – 12 points.  There was a final winning trade late in the session but it was beyond our stopping time.
  • TF ended up + 2.7 points today.

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