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Small Trade Setups? Don’t Ignore Them!

Small trade setups are some of the best trades you can take.  I love them.  The reason is because they typically require very small risk but can lead to large gains, giving you insanely favorable risk:reward ratios.  Especially if you are using the Trend Jumper.

Small trade setups, using the Trend Jumper Trading Strategy, can get you into the market on the right side of the next explosive move.  The reason it is a small trade setup is because volatility has momentarily compressed.  Because of the rules of how the Trend Jumper works, like pressure building up inside a shaken champagne bottle, when the cork pops, the price moves strong and hard.  Our stops are in place with very small risk.

When we get a small trade setup, I typically either ignore the targets and use the Jumpline to exit my positions, or, I project bigger targets, or both.  The EURJPY 5 minute tradeplan that has done so well for so long will project a 15 pip and a 25 pip target while then also, trailing the remaining 3rd of the position using an EMA(14) to trail, as per the Trend Jumper tradeplan rules and methods.

Today, there were two tiny setups.  Because of our tradeplan rules, we were able to add to our original trade with the second setup.  The targets are so ridiculously small, we just project out our 15 and 25 pip targets on both position.  The risk was also ridiculously small, 6 pips and 6 pips.  So far, these trades (one big trade with two positions) are up over 80 pips, hitting all their projected targets and trailing the remainder.

Check out how much can be made with small trade setups; tiny risk, big reward trades should not be avoided.


Our other markets have been on fire as well.  All week we’ve been winning, winning, winning.  Some of our winners have indeed been with small trade setups but not all.  Today, the YM is the only problem child, everything else quitting quite positive, as we have done throughout the week.  The jury is still out on the YM as of this post.  But here are the finished trades today, as called in the live traderoom using the PTU Trend Jumper:

Today’s Results:

  • DAX; + 93.5 points !!
  • Heating Oil; + 46 ticks, one and done
  • Soybean futures; + 2.25 points, one and done
  • Crude Oil futures; + 7 ticks, small trades. The best movement came after we had already finished with our tradeplan
  • Russell eMini; + 2.6 points
  • EURJPY; + 80 pips and still going

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