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Sneak Peak at a New Forex Daytrade Plan for the EURUSD 15 Minute Chart

Trend Jumper and PTU Members will son be treated to another forex daytrade plan.  A new way to trade the EURUSD with a 15 minute chart during the US Session.  15 minute charts can be tricky and very time consuming, because setups can take hours.  This tradeplan solves that problem because it is only valid for a little over 3 hours per day, during the US Session.  We don’t look at other timeframes with this forex tradeplan.

Most of the time with trading, less is more and quality out performs quantity.  We trade to enjoy our lives not to be consumed by our charts.  This tradeplan requires 3.5 hours per day.  Of course, if you do get into a trade, you will need to monitor it as it progresses.  But that’s trading, right?  The good news is that we don’t look to take trades outside of this daily 3.5 hour window.

I’ve been monitoring this tradeplan for many months now and it continues to perform well, making new profit levels on a regular basis.  It was tested over 3.5 years, with more than 740 trades.


Check out this recent equity curve for the EURUSD forex pair, 15 minute chart and notice how it continually makes new profit levels with very reasonable drawdown episodes.


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