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Soybean Futures Finishes in FOUR Minutes Today; + 6.75 Points

Soybean Futures is one of my favorite markets to trade, and here’s why.  Today, I was done with my trading in 4 minutes!  I love ending the week like this.  While the difficult ES (S&P eMini) traded inside a 2 point range, Soybean Futures, which is also $50 per point and $12.50 per tick, gave us two fast trades.

The first one, just missed its full target by one tick.  One of the maneuvers we do with Trend Jumper is to push our stop to lock in 1 tick, to put ourselves in a Zero Risk Position.  The price pulled back and stopped us out.  That’s ok.  The price had to find the near term resistance from which to “jump down” from, which it did perfectly, setting up our 2nd trade, which not only hit our target, but the trailer gave us a nice weekend bonus of an additional + 4.25 points.  We’ll take it!  In and out in four minutes and done for the weekend.  This is why we love trading Soybeans Futures.

Soybean Futures was perfect this week, winning all five sessions, gaining + 19.50 points for the week.  If you were on one of our live demonstrations of the Trend Jumper this week, you would have seen that this market is winning 91% of its sessions and 88% of its weeks.  Today, you would have seen it for yourself.

  • Mon 8/11; + 4.25
  • Tues 8/12; + 2.25
  • Wed 8/13; + 4
  • Thu 8/14; + 2.25
  • Fri 8/15; + 6.75
Soybean Futures gains + 6.75 points in four minutes to welcome the weekend, with a + 19.5 points for the week


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