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Soybean Futures Keep Winning; 90% Winners So Far; 12 Winning Sessions in a Row!

Soybean Futures has become my favorite daytrade.  If you want to get in, get out and get done with your trading as fast as possible, this market could easily be the fastest on average to enter and exit at target.  Add to that the fact that it is really hard to find the last time it had a losing session and you can see why I am so  thrilled with this tradeplan.

  • Last week it was up + 26.25 points
  • The week before that it was up + 17 Points
  • This week, it is already up + 5 points with just two trades.  Each session was one and done in a matter of minutes.

At $50 per point, you could see how the profits could rack up quickly trading Soybean futures.  S & P eMini Traders should take note.  I used to be one of those guys.  Now I just pretend Soybean futures are S & P futures.  The only difference is I win so much quicker and steadier!  Using our innovative tradeplan with Trend Jumper, since I’ve been officially tracking this market, Sept 9th being the first day, soybean futures has:

  • won 90% of its trades, winning 18 and only losing 2! 
  • It has also won 100% of its sessions!! 
  • It is sporting an awesome Profit Factor of + 7.03 right now!
  • It has gained + 48.25 points already in total with our basic, two position approach


This soybean futures video of yesterday’s live session discusses how you can use the Trend Jumper tools to add a 3rd position.  Why not take advantage on the rapid grown in your trade account when trading this amazing market?

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