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Soybean Futures Win 15th Session in a Row; Done in 2 Minutes

Today the Soybean Futures hit new record profit levels again.  In fact, on a day when most of the markets were selling off and going down, the equity in our accounts was going up and our tradeplans were making fast and efficient profits, finishing the session with just one or two trades per tradeplan.  Soybean futures is often the fastest tradeplan to finish.  Today it got us in and out and done within just TWO minutes.  We love Soybean Futures for that reason.  It is a great choice for the busy working person who still holds down a day job and can only dedicate a short amount of time each day to trade.  Moreover, Soybean Futures trade in the same dollar increments as the ES (S&P eMini) and for ES traders, it should be known that Soybean Futures are WAY easier to trade and in my opinion, far easier to succeed with as a daytrader.

Soybean Futures led the way today with big and fast profits across the board:

  • Soybean Futures one and done today; +2.5 points, new record profit levels and finished in two minutes of trading today
  • DAX Futures two and done today; +25.5
  • YM one and done today; + 11 points
  • ES one and done today; + 5.25 points
  • TF one and done today; + 6.2 points
  • Crude Oil Futures one and done today; + .10
  • Crude Oil Futures (for our Power of Quitting 2 traders, those that require 2 winners for this tradeplan) was two and done for +.19
  • Heating Oil future two and done today; + 17 ticks
  • EURJPY 5 Min was Break Even today with two trades


Like Soybean Futures, the Russell eMini was one and done today and sold off with the rest of the market during the early part of the session, gaining + 6.2 points for $620.  As traders, it doesn’t matter if we make our money going up or down.  Today, we made it going down.



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