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Stock Option Trading is Very Profitable with Trend Jumper

Trading stock options is one of the most profitable ways to use the Trend Jumper but admittedly, it does not get enough attention on this blog.  I just marked up a chart showing the last 5 AAPL trades as an example.  You can see how incredibly profitable stock option trading can be with this one example only.  We just follow the Trend Jumper setups as they appear on the stock chart and let those setups guide our options trades with just straight directional calls and puts.

Of course we can profit from stock option trading with many different names; equities and ETFs.  It doesn’t matter.  We just want to select high volume equities so we can get the most liquid options.  The below example could be any number of different possibilities but it shows the power of the Trend Jumper when applied to good moving price action charts.

Check out how profitable stock option trading can be with this recent example of the last five trades on a daily AAPL chart. In classic Trend Jumper fashion, the strategy was able to call the right long trades and then (who would have thunk it with AAPL?) the right short trades.


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