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Stocks, ETFs and option trades don’t really get enough attention on this blog.  I admit that I tend to focus first on futures daytrading and next, on forex swingtrading.  But stocks might be the BEST of the bunch.  The profits are so consistent and there are so many great trading symbols, charts and timeframes.  Trend Jumper loves any market that moves and there are tons of great trading names in the stock and ETF world.  We simply use the trade setups on the underlying stock charts to place simple, directional trades using well selected options.

Here’s a recent example of the SPY, one of the most actively traded symbols in the world:

  • SPY is a great alternative to the S&P eMini, which happens to be one of the most difficult (and popular) markets to trade.  The last 5 trades, using our custom swingtrade plan for the SPY gained $19.69 per share!  Over the past ten years it has won 77% of its trades and made $139 per share.  It is winning an average of $1.66 per trade (per share).  Now imagine the type of percentage gains you could make with this tradeplan trading simple ‘in the money’ calls and puts.


This stock chart of the SPY shows the last 5 trades.  But this tradeplan has won 77% of all its trades over the past 10 years and it continues to win.  These are cheap options and these kind of trades will make double and triple digit gains on a percentage basis.

We’ve got some great tradeplans for a number of stocks and ETFs.  Truth is though, we’ve barely scratched the surface.  There are simply just too many opportunities.  Not just daily charts but weekly charts, too.  Daytraders can find amazing opportunities with many different stock names using minute charts, tick charts, range bars and even renko charts.

This 35 cent momentum range bar chart of the QQQ has been winning 85.3% of its trades since last April, 2013!  I’ve been watching this very closely, just waiting for the win rate to drop.  It has not!  It has maintained this winning percentage since I first created the tradeplan over 3 months ago!!


Do you see any losses on this stock chart of the QQQs.  There are three but you really have to squint to see them.  This is just one example of an endless supply of trade opportunities using Trend Jumper to trade stocks and ETFs.012014_qqq


There are simply way too many opportunities.  It’s a great problem to have.  The Trend Jumper is going to show us how to trade any chart that has good price action.  Here are some other great trading names that we have effective tradeplans for, on the private owner’s club website:  AMZN, AAPL, DIA, GOOG, NFLX, HYG, AGQ, SLV, USO, VXX, EPI, RSX and GDX.  More are on the way, too.






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