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Summer Profits DO Exist so Long as You are Resolute and Committed to your Tradeplan

Summer profits are available and it is the usual suspects of preferred markets that continue to ring the register for us.  June started for us in a rather strong fashion, hitting profitable goals early on in the session, supporting the idea that summer profits can be had and that our equities will grow over the next few months.  I plan on going on vacation with my family soon, but for sure, I’ll be traveling with my laptop and trading along the way.  That is one of the great benefits of what we do.

We did get our share of summer profits today, to kick off the beginning of June.  Here are the best trades on the best markets.  The same markets we trade every day in the live traderoom with well researched proven tradeplans as shared with our membership on the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club:

  • Heating Oil Futures; one and done with + 53 ticks at $4.20 per tick
  • Crude Oil Futures; one and done with + .15 at $10 per penny (tick)
  • Russell eMini; one and done with + 7.3 at $10 per tick; $730.  The Russell wins the prize and will load our account with summer profits as it has done consistently over the last several years.
  • Soybean futures; Two and done with + 2.75 points at $50 per point
  • EURJPY; one and done for + 38 pips (profits depend on your position size but new equity highs hit again today on this ongoing, steady tradeplan)

Not every market and tradeplan will have winning sessions each and every day.  None will, actually.  Some markets will be half a step out of sync with the market from time to time.  The YM and the DAX are two champion markets for us that struggled today.  As of this writing, the jury is still out as to whether they will get positive today.  Just to show you what out of sync might mean, the best winning trade of the day for the YM was 30 seconds before the rules allow us to trade after a news event.  But we know that our rules are what makes the tradeplan consistently profitable over time.  We also know that perfection does not exist in trading.  We aspire to be perfect traders and we work on executing the tradeplan to perfection but the tradeplan itself is not perfect.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be.  It gives us a winning edge and that’s all we need to continually make money in the market.  As traders, we have to operate on a higher level; keep our risk small and allow the tradeplan to work over time.  Two steps forward, one step back, two steps forward, one step back; that’s what a winning equity curve looks like and reflects the ebb and flow of a winning tradeplan.  The YM and the DAX end up with positive weekly results from 80 to 90% of the time so whether a session wins or loses is a rather inconsequential piece of information IF we are smart traders and remain disciplined to our approach.

See Today’s Russell trade that range the register in a big way and began our quest for this year’s summer profits


There’s a big history of success with the Russell eMini.  Here’s a recent post you may be interested in but feel free to explore the archived posts of this blog for the big picture story line.

If you could be disciplined and stay committed to your well researched tradeplan, then you will grab your share of summer profits.  We are trading in a low volatility, low range scenario these days but the Trend Jumper is geared to take advantage of the best moves, when they happen.  Remember, the best trades come after the worst, and the best market conditions come after the worst.  Once we get through the traditional part of summer, we can then look forward to indian summer profits because our experience tells us that come Sept/Oct, leading up to the end of the year, explosive moves will return and Trend Jumper will be all over them.




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