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Swingtrading the Dow? Sure! New Trend Jumper Swingtrade Plan About to be Revealed

Members of the Trend Jumper Owner’s Club have a lot of perks.  Access to the LIVE traderoom being one of them, where they can learn the Trend Jumper in real market time with real trades.  Another huge benefit though is the access to the tradeplans.  With new and exciting ways to trade the Trend Jumper being discovered and published to the Owner’s Club all the time, one can really diversify their trading.

There’s something for everyone.  We just recently added a collection of 4 hour forex swingtrade plans.  The stock and option swingtrade plans are growing too.  This is an area of large potential and we’re very excited about it.

So how are we going to swingtrade the Dow?  With the DIA etf of course.  In the next couple of weeks, we are published a brand new tradeplan for trading simple calls and puts to profit on a swingtrade basis with super controlled risk and super excellent returns.

Here’s a few teasers:

  • It is winning more than 2/3 of its trades
  • it has gained $95.15 per share in profits if trading the straight etf over the last 10 years
  • Profit Factor of 2.64
  • Average profit per all trades (wins and losses) = $1.24 per share
  • Avg win:avg loss ratio of 1.25 which is excellent when combined with its winning percentage

It is in its 5th winning trade in a row.  The above stats are if trading the straight etf shares.  But if one bought simple calls and puts, using the stock chart trade setups to guide the trade, the returns become much larger for a fraction of the risk.

As an example, the current trade got short at 151.99 on Sept 25th.  Buying simple in the money puts with a 156 strike price already exited half its position for a 54% gain in one week.  The 2nd half is still trailing and gaining speed.  It’s currently up over 60%, worst case scenario.  Best of all, the cost of the options are never fully at risk.  When we do take losses, we sell the option back and regain some of the premium.  This is an awesome way to trade the Trend Jumper.

Grab your copy while it’s still available.  You can look forward to this plan and lots more. 

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