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Swingtrading the S & P; New Tradeplan for the SPY Coming Later this Month

The S & P is probably the most popular futures market to trade and in my humble opinion is also probably one of the most difficult to succeed at.  There are several reasons why it is so difficult to trade and consistently win at:

  • The tick price is expensive; 1/4 point ticks at $12.50 per tick.  As a result, slippage makes up a larger percentage of one’s overall trade profile.
  • Other trade costs include NOT being able to get filled at your price until you actually trade through it.    So many times, at least with Trend Jumper, we hit the target perfectly, but then can’t get out of the trade at our price.  So what do you do?  Do you wait?  Do you market out and pay the $12.50 per tick slippage cost?  What if it hits your target and then backs off a tick or three?  Then what?
  • If you’re trading the ES,  bare in mind that you’re trading against the best and biggest traders in the world; Goldman Sachs comes to mind, but they’re not the only ones.

Trading is hard enough as it is and to have to put up with all those additional challenges just doesn’t make sense to me.  Why do it?  We are hitting new record profit levels every 5th session on most the YM for example and at $5 per point, slippage and trade costs are much lower.  Soybeans, which we can usually win at rather quickly, has the same point value as the ES, but we can get in, get out and get done in a matter of minutes each session.

I can site many examples of why the ES is probably NOT the best choice for daytraders.  Still though the seduction of the volume and the ability to scale up large if one could be successful at it, draws more and more moths to the fire, each and every day.

There are other ways to take advantage of the huge volume of the S & P AND still enjoy great leverage, while having a much better chance at success while also keeping the trade costs down, as well as the overall risk.


The new swingtrade plan for the S & P etf, the SPY, is the answer.  This etf trades at over 100,000,000 shares per day.  Best of all, we can trade simple highly liquid call and put options using the trade setups that appear on the actual SPY daily charts for big profits and small risk.

Later this month, Trend Jumper Members will be able to access one of our newest tradeplans, designed to swingtrade the SPY.  Check out the backtested results over the past 10 years:

  • $131.59 Total Net Profit per share
  • 77% win rate
  • 3.68 Profit Factor
  • $1.67 average profit per trade (per share)
  • Avg win:Avg loss ratio of 1.16
  • In 10 years there has not been MORE than 2 losses in a row
  • Trading simple calls and puts would increase the percentage gains exponentially, with far less risk per trade

Check out the SPY per share equity curve over the last 10 years


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