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Tradeplans Keep Working; Record Profit Levels Reached Across the board

Confidence in the tradeplans is key to succeeding as a trader.  Here at PTU Trend Jumper Headquarters, we spend a lot of time in building the proper trader foundation, which includes creating a strong belief structure and higher perspective vision of the forest from the trees.  From the higher level point of view, we can […]

Forex Swingtrading Also Hitting Big Profits Early in 2014

Forex swingtrading requires patience.  We have to remove ourselves from time and space sometimes and just let it do what it does.  Especially with daily charts.  There have only been a few setups this month, so far, but they have been very good ones. We looked at the AUDNZD forex pair not too long ago.  […]

Forex and Futures Deliver Another Winning Session Across the Board

Our tried and true daytrade plans for futures and forex delivered a very straight forward Monday with winners on everything.  Here’s a quick review of some of the winning markets we were following today. Forex; EURJPY 5 Min Chart gained + 20 pips Forex; Other winners of markets we don’t closely follow include USDJPY, CADJPY, […]