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Trading Crude Oil Futures with the Trend Jumper; Different Approaches Demo’d Live

It was another very profitable session for Crude Oil Futures traders this morning.  Below is a video where I demonstrate how I use the Trend Jumper Pro to trade not only Renko charts, but also, other Trend Jumper styles, simultaneously using two different trade platforms.  The Trend Jumper as designed, with its easy structure displayed right […]

Futures Daytrade Profits Give us a Warm Greeting to the New Year; Forex too!

The markets haven’t skipped a beat as 2014 has already begun and the profits are already ringing in the new year.  While we wait for our forex swing trades to setup, our daytrading has been nearly perfect. DAX Futures are already off to the races.  Today, + 52.5 points to start the first full week […]

New Trend Jumper Approach for Monday’s Bootcamp; See the Demo

In this video, I wanted to demonstrate a live trade using a new advanced Trend Jumper approach using the Trend Jumper Pro Calculator.  I’ll be teaching this tradeplan and strategy during this week’s Advanced Trend Jumper Bootcamp.  

A Look at Trading Crude Oil with Renko Bars

The problem with trading with renko bars is that you have to have a way to solve the problem of not being able to see all the data points that are hit when the bars have closed.  Backtesting becomes a big challenge.  The simple trick is to put all entries, targets and stops on the […]

Friday’s Live Crude Oil Futures Trades Teach Us A Lot

Friday ended a very lucrative week again trading Crude Oil futures with the Trend Jumper.  New equity highs were reached again, as we are now a few weeks into our 2nd straight year of trading this very same tradeplan, each and every day.  Today hit we hit our goals with the first two trades of […]

Crude Oil and Soybean Futures; See Them Traded LIVE

See Friday’s Crude Oil Futures and Soybean Futures trading, recorded live.  I also show you the final trade of the week for the free Dow eMini Futures strategy, which ended the week with +309 points. This video is yet another example of the power of great setups provided by the PTU Trend Jumper, combined with […]

Crude Oil Futures Hit’s Record Profit Levels with Trend Jumper Today

In today’s post I wanted to focus primarily on Crude Oil Futures.  Today it hit its goals with the first two trades.  The first trade was a bit of a false start and stopped out with a 1 tick gain.  As the price came down to test the big 104.00 level, which also happened to […]

Live Futures Daytrading with the PTU Trend Jumper

Watch how I use the PTU Trend Jumper to daytrade live, Crude oil futures and the Dow eMini futures in a session that requires a full understanding of the strategy as well as complete knowledge of the tradeplan rules.  See how I use a Stop and Reverse maneuver to get out of a losing position […]

Renko and the Trend Jumper

Here’s a short introductory video demonstrating how you could use Trend Jumper to trade with renko bars.  This is an area we have just begun to explore, illustrating yet another way one could be extremely profitable with the versatile PTU Trend Jumper strategy. Check out this renko chart here on Youtube:

Crude Oil Futures Live Trade with the PTU Trend Jumper

In this short video you’ll see exactly how we go about daytrading Crude Oil Futures with the Trend Jumper.